Episode 1: You Light Up My Star


You Light Up My Star snuck up on me and premiered last Sunday to my great (but pleasant) surprise. I had recalled some news trickling in here and there about the scale of this drama, but I somehow missed all of the big promotional materials before its premiere. Director Winnie has to be my all time favorite TW drama director (ISWAK, In Time With You), so I know that I can trust him to deliver on the directorial front. Acting-wise, Joe Cheng can be hit or miss for me – loved him in ISWAK, hated him in Love or Bread. And Janine isn’t an actress I’ve fallen in love with, but I do generally enjoy her presence on the screen. Which meant that I was pretty excited about this drama (once I realized it was premiering).

So after watching the first episode, I was surprised, to say the least, about the tone of the drama, which was much darker and melodramatic than most of the works I’ve come to associate Director Winnie (and idol drama actors) with. It reminded me of the tone of Summer’s Desire, which ironically was also about the acting/entertainment industry. What’s with portraying the acting industry as something extremely dark and depressing?


You Light Up My Star is about a famous actor, Liu Chen Wei (Joe Cheng) who suffers from depression. Janine Chang plays Zhang Man Ling,  his long time girlfriend, with whom he’s starred in a series of dramas. To the outside, they seem like the perfect, glamorous couple, but what happens when Chen Wei’s facade starts to crack?

Episode 1 Mini (mini) Recap: Continue reading


In Time With You: Episode 6 Recap

Da Ren finally makes some progress by ditching Naggie, and coming to terms with his feelings. Unfortunately, You Qing is still stuck firmly in denial land, and has to deal with the reappearance of an ex she’s never been able to forget.  Continue reading

In Time With You OST

In Time With You hit 2.34 in ratings with Episode 5!! 😀 But at the same time, Office Girls also hit 5.17, which is interesting, since it means that both dramas are increasing viewership, but tapping upon different viewers. Even Ring Ring Bell, at a desolate 3rd place, has been increasing its ratings these past 3 weeks.

So, just in case any of you are craving more In Time With You goodies, I’ve embedded the OST songs from the drama below. I know that I’ve been listening to these song on repeat all morning, and thought that perhaps others would enjoy them as well. Continue reading

In Time With You: Episode 5 Recap

With this episode, we’re finally introduced to the second male lead (Nic was unfortunately just a short term distraction), forced to endure some more annoying Maggie hijinks, and stare in awe at the beautiful relationship between Da Ren and You Qing. On to episode 5!  Continue reading