Final Thoughts: Pursuit of Happiness


I know I’ve been gone forever, and I can’t promise I’m back for long, but I couldn’t resist commenting on TW drama Pursuit of Happiness (愛的生存之道), which ended just last week. How could I not, considering that this came from the same production team who did one of my most beloved TW dramas ever, In Time With You?

Quick drama description:  30-something old woman, Ji An Lei (Sonia Sui), is a successful career woman, scared of being single forever and dying alone, and carries a flame for her ex-boyfriend, who is back with a new girlfriend. And she gets a new roommate (Tony Yang), who happens to like that said new girlfriend. Sparks fly. Continue reading


Drama Review: P.S. Man

Going through the drafts in my blog, I noticed this review lying there, almost finished, but not published. Since I spent the effort to write it, I figured that I should at least post it, so here it is (like 1 year later).

Quick Plot Overview: A writer (of trashy books) and huge playboy named Xia He Jie decides to crash the movie premiere of a top model, Amanda, in hopes of getting greater publicity. But as a result of his escapade, he’s sentenced to 156 hours of community service at a kindergarten, where Ma Xiao Qian works. Ma Xiao Qian’s history with him goes waaaay back, to about elementary school where she was constantly bullied by him. But, despite her initial dislike for him, she soon finds herself falling in love with him and Xia He Jie finds himself falling in love with her (and subsequently changing for her). But, their love is complicated by Amanda (who has a “BIG” secret) and Meng Chen En (who is this rich dude that loves Ma Xiao Qian, but I’m pretty sure you could have guessed that). Continue reading