Rock N’ Road: First Impression and OST


I think I’ve found my new crack drama. Which is good because In a Good Way is ending soon and I’ll need another drama to replace it. The find? Rock N’ Road (A咖的路). (Side note: The English title is a cute take on the Chinese title, which literally means The Path to being an A-lister). It’s actually been airing for a while on TVBS, but hasn’t been very popular in Taiwan (it’s the lowest rated of its timeslot). Which is such a shame because it’s an underrated gem with a strong acting performance by Chris Wu and an amazing OST (not surprising since it’s a drama about music). Continue reading


Final Thoughts: Pursuit of Happiness


I know I’ve been gone forever, and I can’t promise I’m back for long, but I couldn’t resist commenting on TW drama Pursuit of Happiness (愛的生存之道), which ended just last week. How could I not, considering that this came from the same production team who did one of my most beloved TW dramas ever, In Time With You?

Quick drama description:  30-something old woman, Ji An Lei (Sonia Sui), is a successful career woman, scared of being single forever and dying alone, and carries a flame for her ex-boyfriend, who is back with a new girlfriend. And she gets a new roommate (Tony Yang), who happens to like that said new girlfriend. Sparks fly. Continue reading

The Queen of SOP: First Impressions & OST

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I seem to have a penchant for bad dramas. The better the drama, the more unable I am to finish it, but I have this bizarre attraction to trainwreck dramas. Case in point: SOP Queen. Admittedly, it’s not terrible, but it’s not a good drama, and since I have so many GOOD dramas to watch on my list, I’m not sure why I’m stomaching this drama and all its random hijinks and hooligans. But I am. And I felt like sharing this bizarre love of mine. Continue reading

Fondant Garden Ending Song

Although I have stopped watching Fondant Garden (for its lack of Han Xiang – Mi En interactions and abundance of annoying characters), I can still objectively appreciate the many songs on its OST. In particular, I really liked the ending song, 愛你 (Love You) by Kimberley Chen. The full version of the song was recently just released, and, as promised, I have embedded the link to the video below. Kimberley is definitely a hot rising talent to look out for, with her first album being released on 4/27. Anyway, enjoy!

Fondant Garden Theme Song

So as I mentioned in my previous recap about Fondant Garden, one of the few things I do like about the drama are its theme songs, specifically the opening and closing songs. So, here I have embedded the opening song. The opening song is called Maybe的機率 (Probability of Maybe) by 大嘴巴 (Da Mouth), a famous Taiwanese hip hop band that is considered the Asian Black Eyed Peas. This song perfectly captures the sweet frothy nature of the drama, with it’s light, bubbly upbeat nature. The ending song, Love You (愛你) by Kimberley Chen is also really good, but I don’t think it has been released yet. When it has, I will embed the video link below as well, but for now I have the song ripped from episode 1 below.

Edit: In the last few episodes, they’ve also been playing Park Jung Min’s 壞人 (Bad Person). While I may not like his acting, I do like his singing, so I’ve embedded a ripped version of the song below as well.

Skip Beat! Drama OST

For all you fellow Skip Beat addicts, here is the Skip Beat drama OST! As viewers of the drama know, the music in this drama adds an important element to all the shenanigans that Gong Xi gets involved in – not to mention that several of the songs are sung by Super Junior themselves. I’ve included the DL link for all the individual songs on the official drama OST (courtesy of SuperSmacky15), and a consolidated link at the bottom. Enjoy!

01.華麗的獨秀 (S.O.L.O) – Super Junior M DL link
02.這是愛 (That’s Love) – Donghae with Henry DL link
03.等你 (Wait) – A-Lin DL link
04.不留紀念 (Goodbye) – 週覓 (Zhou Mi) DL link
05.未來 (Future) – 米非 (Mify from Roomie) DL link
06.愛你沒有太多理由 (No Reason) – 貝貝 (Baebae from Roomie) DL link
07.一場微醺 (One) – Roomie DL link
08.手擁 (Hands) – 信 (Shin) DL link
09.這是愛 (Piano Version) DL link
10.華麗的獨秀 (Guitar Version) DL link

Entire OST: Download

And here’s the opening theme song for you to enjoy. 🙂

In Time With You OST

In Time With You hit 2.34 in ratings with Episode 5!! 😀 But at the same time, Office Girls also hit 5.17, which is interesting, since it means that both dramas are increasing viewership, but tapping upon different viewers. Even Ring Ring Bell, at a desolate 3rd place, has been increasing its ratings these past 3 weeks.

So, just in case any of you are craving more In Time With You goodies, I’ve embedded the OST songs from the drama below. I know that I’ve been listening to these song on repeat all morning, and thought that perhaps others would enjoy them as well. Continue reading