Fondant Garden: Episode 5 Recap

Let me just preface this by saying this is likely the last recap I will be doing for Fondant Garden. While Fondant Garden may be cute and sweet for some people, I have found myself increasingly unable to stomach Fondant Garden’s various antics and plot points. Luckily, we saw some much needed character development in this episode, in particular with Xi Huan, but I feel like there’s still a long ways to go before Xi Huan becomes a sympathetic male lead whom I care about. Continue reading


Fondant Garden: Episode 4 Recap

With the lack of Mi En-Han Xiang interactions in this episode, I found myself gritting my teeth to power myself through the episode. While this drama is still as saccharine as always, at a certain point, your sweet tooth turns into a cavity & tooth ache that leaves you wanting something different.  Continue reading

Fondant Garden: Episode 3 Recap

Despite my initial apprehensions, I’ve actually found myself liking Fondant Garden, and its sugary sweetness, more and more as I continue to watch it. The characters grow on you, and now that we’re past the first initial plot maneuvering, the writing has settled down a bit, into a slightly more realistic territory. Of course, the shining grace still remains the songs and Kingone & Jian Man Shu’s interactions. Continue reading

Fondant Garden: Episode 1-2 Recap

Fondant Garden is a new drama that premiered on CTV last week, and will be airing in the Friday night time slot. It’s main purpose seems to be as a custom made acting vehicle for SS501 member Park Jung Min, who I as far as I can see, has no real acting credits (except cameos, usually of himself) to his name. In fact, the writer has specifically crafted the main character as a chaebol, of Taiwanese descent, living in Korea to allow him to speak in Korean for parts of the first few episodes. However, given these qualifications, the drama has actually been surprisingly decent, though nothing spectacular. To be honest, I decided to give this a chance because Mrs. Koala’s raved about it on her blog, but I unfortunately did not find it to be as delightful as she did. Nevertheless, it is, true to its name, light and frothy fun, filled with harmlessly cute characters and overused cliches. Continue reading

Joe Cheng and Amber Kuo star in new drama Channel-X

Joe Cheng (It Started With a Kiss) and Amber Kuo (Invincible Shan Bao Mei) will be starring in a drama called Channel-X (國民英雄). The first episode will air on December 5. 

It’s been a while since we last saw Joe Cheng (in Love or Bread in 2008-2009) and Amber Kuo (she was in The Happy Times of that Year in 2009), so this is exciting news for all their fans. A press conference was held just last week (November 14), but overall, the promotion for this drama has been pretty low key. Unlike other dramas that have been announced way ahead of time, I haven’t really picked up on much news about this drama. I can’t even really pinpoint exactly what the story will be like.

However, this is what I’ve picked up from the  previews (and reading their website:, but BEWARE: it’s in Chinese). Joe Cheng plays a news anchor named An Zai Yong (安在勇) who was accused of murdering his girlfriend, Hong Xiao Lu (洪小綠), played by Amber Kuo, a paparazzi. It appears to have a dark, suspenseful tone to it (which makes sense because it’s marketed as a suspense thriller), making it a unique addition to the general line-up of Taiwanese dramas (usually light/happy romantic comedies). I can’t say that I’m looking forward to this too much, but I’ll probably catch the first episode and make my decision from there.

Continue reading

More Playful Kiss Videos… Seung Jo’s Diary

Group Eight is just milking this Youtube thing for all it’s worth. Yesterday, they released “Seung Jo’s Diary” vidoes, which were basically pictures from the previous special episodes with added commentary on the sides by “Seung Jo”. Can we say cheesy? So little sustenance, but I guess it keeps people interested in Playful Kiss. Anyways, here they are:

Playful Kiss… Not over yet!

For those of you who are sad over the end of Playful Kiss last Thursday and suffering from Playful Kiss withdrawal syndrome, no fear, there is good news! Youtube is will be airing a special edition of Playful Kiss through a collaboration with Group Eight (that produced the show) with never before seen scenes/stories. The videos will be released by the Youtube channel ytkiss, and you can access the channel here. So for all of you PK junkies, that means a few more hours of you and your beloved Playful Kiss characters! And then, let the withdrawal symptons begin!

Fun behind the scenes clip (found on ytkiss):