Fondant Garden: Episode 4 Recap

With the lack of Mi En-Han Xiang interactions in this episode, I found myself gritting my teeth to power myself through the episode. While this drama is still as saccharine as always, at a certain point, your sweet tooth turns into a cavity & tooth ache that leaves you wanting something different.  Continue reading


Fondant Garden: Episode 3 Recap

Despite my initial apprehensions, I’ve actually found myself liking Fondant Garden, and its sugary sweetness, more and more as I continue to watch it. The characters grow on you, and now that we’re past the first initial plot maneuvering, the writing has settled down a bit, into a slightly more realistic territory. Of course, the shining grace still remains the songs and Kingone & Jian Man Shu’s interactions. Continue reading

Absolute Boyfriend to air after Skip Beat

As much as I hate to admit it, Skip Beat! will be ending soon, as it is only due for 14 episodes, meaning its last episode will air on March 25. Sigh. All that fantabulous squeeing will have to come to an end. It will be followed by another one of GTV’s dramas featuring a Korean actor/actress, this time Gu Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers). She will be starring against Jiro Wang of Fahrenheit fame in the Taiwanese adaptation of Absolute Boyfriend, a popular Japanese manga about a woman who gets a “perfect” robot boyfriend and the hijinks that ensue. The above photo comes from a photo shoot for the drama, which will feature a naked Jiro, since that is how the robot is initially packaged and shipped. Unfortunately, I’m not particularly interested in either the plot or the actors, so I think I’m going to pass on this. Plus, all I know is that this drama will be replacing my beloved Skip Beat, which means that I’ll be in serious withdrawal mode when this drama airs. Anywho, here are some of the official drama posters that have been released – expect more of them as publicity begins to ramp up in the coming weeks. Continue reading

Fondant Garden Theme Song

So as I mentioned in my previous recap about Fondant Garden, one of the few things I do like about the drama are its theme songs, specifically the opening and closing songs. So, here I have embedded the opening song. The opening song is called Maybe的機率 (Probability of Maybe) by 大嘴巴 (Da Mouth), a famous Taiwanese hip hop band that is considered the Asian Black Eyed Peas. This song perfectly captures the sweet frothy nature of the drama, with it’s light, bubbly upbeat nature. The ending song, Love You (愛你) by Kimberley Chen is also really good, but I don’t think it has been released yet. When it has, I will embed the video link below as well, but for now I have the song ripped from episode 1 below.

Edit: In the last few episodes, they’ve also been playing Park Jung Min’s 壞人 (Bad Person). While I may not like his acting, I do like his singing, so I’ve embedded a ripped version of the song below as well.

Fondant Garden: Episode 1-2 Recap

Fondant Garden is a new drama that premiered on CTV last week, and will be airing in the Friday night time slot. It’s main purpose seems to be as a custom made acting vehicle for SS501 member Park Jung Min, who I as far as I can see, has no real acting credits (except cameos, usually of himself) to his name. In fact, the writer has specifically crafted the main character as a chaebol, of Taiwanese descent, living in Korea to allow him to speak in Korean for parts of the first few episodes. However, given these qualifications, the drama has actually been surprisingly decent, though nothing spectacular. To be honest, I decided to give this a chance because Mrs. Koala’s raved about it on her blog, but I unfortunately did not find it to be as delightful as she did. Nevertheless, it is, true to its name, light and frothy fun, filled with harmlessly cute characters and overused cliches. Continue reading

Skip Beat! Drama OST

For all you fellow Skip Beat addicts, here is the Skip Beat drama OST! As viewers of the drama know, the music in this drama adds an important element to all the shenanigans that Gong Xi gets involved in – not to mention that several of the songs are sung by Super Junior themselves. I’ve included the DL link for all the individual songs on the official drama OST (courtesy of SuperSmacky15), and a consolidated link at the bottom. Enjoy!

01.華麗的獨秀 (S.O.L.O) – Super Junior M DL link
02.這是愛 (That’s Love) – Donghae with Henry DL link
03.等你 (Wait) – A-Lin DL link
04.不留紀念 (Goodbye) – 週覓 (Zhou Mi) DL link
05.未來 (Future) – 米非 (Mify from Roomie) DL link
06.愛你沒有太多理由 (No Reason) – 貝貝 (Baebae from Roomie) DL link
07.一場微醺 (One) – Roomie DL link
08.手擁 (Hands) – 信 (Shin) DL link
09.這是愛 (Piano Version) DL link
10.華麗的獨秀 (Guitar Version) DL link

Entire OST: Download

And here’s the opening theme song for you to enjoy. 🙂

I’m Back!

So I realize I have been gone for a long hiatus (several months), but, unfortunately, life caught up to me in those past few months and made me either extremely busy, or extremely burned out, leaving me little time to watch dramas and blog. But, now I’m back in full swing, and with more time than ever, so expect me to be posting more often starting now!

As for what I’ve been watching in the last few months… I have to admit, I haven’t gotten a chance to finish In Time With You. Don’t kill me! I do love it, I just never have time to go and watch it all in one go, since I got behind. Funnily enough, my mother actually started watching ITWY on the nightly Chinese tv station broadcast, which has already finished. Anyway, I promise to finish that up sometime soon, and write a review on that.

In the meantime though, I have been following Skip Beat! every week. I can’t explain why, but it’s addicting for me. Objectively speaking, it’s not a great drama, the acting can often verge on whiny and is generally overacted. And yet, whereas I was turned off by the manga-y over the top moments in Hayate the Combat Butler, here, I love all the obviously over the top moments. I love the interactions between Gong Xi, Lian and Shang. Everyone is doing a great job of nailing their characters and bringing them to life, and I have personally found Ivy’s rendition of Gong Xi to be endearing, rather than annoying. I was also pleasantly surprised by how good the interactions between the SuJu boys and Ivy have been, considering that they’re speaking in different languages to each other. Plus, after they replaced Si Won’s voice dubber, the voice dubbings have actually been pretty good Too bad it’s not getting that much love, having been overshadowed by Office Girls (still have yet to finish that one as well) and now Love Forward.

I’ve also been catching up on a variety of movies (hopefully I’ll have a post about that up soon) and anime (yes, I branch out) and whatnot. What have you all been watching?