Fondant Garden: Episode 5 Recap

Let me just preface this by saying this is likely the last recap I will be doing for Fondant Garden. While Fondant Garden may be cute and sweet for some people, I have found myself increasingly unable to stomach Fondant Garden’s various antics and plot points. Luckily, we saw some much needed character development in this episode, in particular with Xi Huan, but I feel like there’s still a long ways to go before Xi Huan becomes a sympathetic male lead whom I care about. Continue reading


Fondant Garden: Episode 4 Recap

With the lack of Mi En-Han Xiang interactions in this episode, I found myself gritting my teeth to power myself through the episode. While this drama is still as saccharine as always, at a certain point, your sweet tooth turns into a cavity & tooth ache that leaves you wanting something different.  Continue reading

Absolute Boyfriend to air after Skip Beat

As much as I hate to admit it, Skip Beat! will be ending soon, as it is only due for 14 episodes, meaning its last episode will air on March 25. Sigh. All that fantabulous squeeing will have to come to an end. It will be followed by another one of GTV’s dramas featuring a Korean actor/actress, this time Gu Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers). She will be starring against Jiro Wang of Fahrenheit fame in the Taiwanese adaptation of Absolute Boyfriend, a popular Japanese manga about a woman who gets a “perfect” robot boyfriend and the hijinks that ensue. The above photo comes from a photo shoot for the drama, which will feature a naked Jiro, since that is how the robot is initially packaged and shipped. Unfortunately, I’m not particularly interested in either the plot or the actors, so I think I’m going to pass on this. Plus, all I know is that this drama will be replacing my beloved Skip Beat, which means that I’ll be in serious withdrawal mode when this drama airs. Anywho, here are some of the official drama posters that have been released – expect more of them as publicity begins to ramp up in the coming weeks. Continue reading

Fondant Garden: Episode 1-2 Recap

Fondant Garden is a new drama that premiered on CTV last week, and will be airing in the Friday night time slot. It’s main purpose seems to be as a custom made acting vehicle for SS501 member Park Jung Min, who I as far as I can see, has no real acting credits (except cameos, usually of himself) to his name. In fact, the writer has specifically crafted the main character as a chaebol, of Taiwanese descent, living in Korea to allow him to speak in Korean for parts of the first few episodes. However, given these qualifications, the drama has actually been surprisingly decent, though nothing spectacular. To be honest, I decided to give this a chance because Mrs. Koala’s raved about it on her blog, but I unfortunately did not find it to be as delightful as she did. Nevertheless, it is, true to its name, light and frothy fun, filled with harmlessly cute characters and overused cliches. Continue reading

In Time With You: Episode 6 Recap

Da Ren finally makes some progress by ditching Naggie, and coming to terms with his feelings. Unfortunately, You Qing is still stuck firmly in denial land, and has to deal with the reappearance of an ex she’s never been able to forget.  Continue reading

Drama Review: P.S. Man

Going through the drafts in my blog, I noticed this review lying there, almost finished, but not published. Since I spent the effort to write it, I figured that I should at least post it, so here it is (like 1 year later).

Quick Plot Overview: A writer (of trashy books) and huge playboy named Xia He Jie decides to crash the movie premiere of a top model, Amanda, in hopes of getting greater publicity. But as a result of his escapade, he’s sentenced to 156 hours of community service at a kindergarten, where Ma Xiao Qian works. Ma Xiao Qian’s history with him goes waaaay back, to about elementary school where she was constantly bullied by him. But, despite her initial dislike for him, she soon finds herself falling in love with him and Xia He Jie finds himself falling in love with her (and subsequently changing for her). But, their love is complicated by Amanda (who has a “BIG” secret) and Meng Chen En (who is this rich dude that loves Ma Xiao Qian, but I’m pretty sure you could have guessed that). Continue reading

In Time With You OST

In Time With You hit 2.34 in ratings with Episode 5!! 😀 But at the same time, Office Girls also hit 5.17, which is interesting, since it means that both dramas are increasing viewership, but tapping upon different viewers. Even Ring Ring Bell, at a desolate 3rd place, has been increasing its ratings these past 3 weeks.

So, just in case any of you are craving more In Time With You goodies, I’ve embedded the OST songs from the drama below. I know that I’ve been listening to these song on repeat all morning, and thought that perhaps others would enjoy them as well. Continue reading