The Queen of SOP: First Impressions & OST

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I seem to have a penchant for bad dramas. The better the drama, the more unable I am to finish it, but I have this bizarre attraction to trainwreck dramas. Case in point: SOP Queen. Admittedly, it’s not terrible, but it’s not a good drama, and since I have so many GOOD dramas to watch on my list, I’m not sure why I’m stomaching this drama and all its random hijinks and hooligans. But I am. And I felt like sharing this bizarre love of mine. Continue reading


The Last Night of Madam Chin

Yesterday, after pulling an almost all nighter (okay, til 3 am) I finished the Last Night of Madam Chin (金大班的最后一夜), which was released a while ago, in 2009. It had been airing on my local Chinese television station, and one day after dinner I happened to catch an episode of the show. The episode’s cliffhanger ending piqued my interest, and I recalled purchasing the DVD a while back. After scrounging around my house, I finally found my misplaced DVD and I popped it into the DVD player. Now, that was about a week ago, but I didn’t really get around to really finishing it until yesterday. I didn’t actually watch the entire drama, I mainly skipped around (I got the gist of it) and I only really watched the last 10 episodes. I skipped most of the beginning of the story and some parts of the middle, but hey, it was a long weepy melodrama (36 episodes), so who can blame me?

So for those who haven’t heard of this drama (which I’m sure is many), TLNOMC is about Madam Chin, or Jin Zhao Li, played by Fan Bing Bing, who is a bar hostess, and her very eventful life spanning from her 20s/30s until her 50s. Her leading man, Sheng Yue Ru, is played by Vic Zhou, the son of a very rich and successful banker. which (WARNING: Cliché)  means that the father doesn’t approve of Jin Zhao Li and Yue Ru’s love and will do anything to break them apart. And add in the like 5 other guys in love with Jin Zhao Li, some evil Shanghai mob bosses, and the takeover of Shanghai by the Communists and the subsequent flight that entails, and you’ve got The Last Night of Madam Chin. Continue reading

Strands of Love

Man, Blue Lan has been busy working these days! I had been somewhat following his last drama P.S. Man (I’ll post a review of it later, when I have the time), which ended its run on July 18. But today while surfing the net, I stumbled upon another Blue drama that has just started airing on July 26th in Mainland China on Hunan TV. This means that Blue must have jumped straight from one project to another! Altogether, it means that in the past year he’s had 3 dramas! Wow. Unfortunately, I haven’t really taken a liking to any of Blue’s dramas so far, but his recent dramas have been pulling in high ratings, making him one of the top actors in Taiwan these days. Although Blue has been acting for a while (he was in 2001’s Meteor Garden), he has just started making him mark as a leading man since last year’s Easy Fortune Happy Life. Not to say that he hadn’t taken any leading roles before Easy Fortune Happy Life, rather I’m saying that only since that drama has he been getting mainstream success and have his dramas tuned in high ratings. So I’m guessing that he’s taking advantage of his newfound popularity and trying to take on as much as possible. I just hope he’s not overworking himself with everything that he’s put on his plate.

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