More Playful Kiss Videos… Seung Jo’s Diary

Group Eight is just milking this Youtube thing for all it’s worth. Yesterday, they released “Seung Jo’s Diary” vidoes, which were basically pictures from the previous special episodes with added commentary on the sides by “Seung Jo”. Can we say cheesy? So little sustenance, but I guess it keeps people interested in Playful Kiss. Anyways, here they are:


Playful Kiss… Not over yet!

For those of you who are sad over the end of Playful Kiss last Thursday and suffering from Playful Kiss withdrawal syndrome, no fear, there is good news! Youtube is will be airing a special edition of Playful Kiss through a collaboration with Group Eight (that produced the show) with never before seen scenes/stories. The videos will be released by the Youtube channel ytkiss, and you can access the channel here. So for all of you PK junkies, that means a few more hours of you and your beloved Playful Kiss characters! And then, let the withdrawal symptons begin!

Fun behind the scenes clip (found on ytkiss):

Final Verdict: Playful Kiss vs. It Started With a Kiss


Last week, one of my non-drama watching friends (scandalous!) asked me which version of Itazura na Kiss I liked better (after hearing me talk about it for the umpteenth time) and to provide 3 reasons. After rambling on for a long time, I finally came to a concise list of reasons as to why I enjoyed each version, and why I didn’t enjoy each version. So here they are (I tried to keep them short…)!

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Playful Kiss – The Rain (Kiss) Scene

At long last, in last Wednesday’s episode, we have come to the highly anticipated and famous ITAZURA NA KISS KISS SCENE. For those who have watched the anime, any previous drama adaptations, or read the manga, this is one of the best (if not BEST) scenes in the entire story. For all of us watching, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the climax, the buildup, the long awaited grandiose gesture and confession by the always cold Baek Seung Jo. This is supposed to be the most moving part of the entire story. And yet, for some reason, I felt like Wednesday’s scene fell flat. Sure it was good and sweet, but I felt that it could have been done so much better. There could have been so much more emotion, more passion. The scene in itself had so much potential that I think Wednesday’s scene wasn’t able to tap into. Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen other versions before, so I wasn’t particularly amazed by the scene (it’s identical to all the other versions… only with less oomph). So, I’m going to provide a comparison of this scene to scenes in the other adaptations!

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First Impression: Playful Kiss


Hey everyone! I know I’ve been gone for a while, but that’s because school’s just started, and I haven’t had much time to catch up on drama watching. In fact, I actually haven’t watched a single episode of a drama in the last 3 weeks… Ah, such a long time! And I was planning to hold out, but last night I couldn’t wait any longer, and I started watching Playful Kiss. And… I think it’s quite adorable and cute. It’s unfortunate that its rating haven’t been doing well, but at least we know there’s a lot of love for it in the international community! Anyways, I’m hoping to provide a semi-new perspective to the mix as a dedicated follower of Itazura na Kiss, who has watched the Taiwanese drama adaption as well as the anime. Hopefully, I’ll be able to enlighten you!

I’ve watched the first two episodes so far, and it’s been quite fun! Perhaps it’s only me, but I love the storyline itself. It builds into it so many cute moments that just make you want to squeal with excitement. For example, I love the way the Baek Seung Jo toys with Oh Ha Ni. I’m not advocating guys toying with girls, but I think that this drama does it well in moderation and quite tastefully because the guy isn’t purposely being cold to her, he’s just not really in touch with his emotions. So when he’s rude and smirks and is haughty, it’s not really him toying with her, it’s just how his personality is. But, it’s those cute sparks of caring early on in the story that make this story so adorable! And, unlike some other viewers, I don’t think the plot is boring or slow. I enjoy the small moments and that’s what makes this series so endearing, watching the trials and tribulations of their love.

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Where to Watch Mischievous Kiss… Legally!

I’m just bursting with excitement! I know, I know, I’m a little behind on the news, but I’ve just discovered that Hulu has been uploading episodes of Mischievous Kiss. I had realized that they were starting to include Korean Dramas on their site (yay for korean dramas crossing over in the American society!) but I didn’t realize that they were going to be including Mischeivous Kiss as well. Of course, for die hard fans, this may not be the BEST solution, since they can barely wait for the next episode to come out, let alone for Hulu to upload the video. Nevertheless, I was shocked to discover the steps that Hulu has taken to embrace the world of Korean dramas, and they’ve been uploading the episodes at an acceptable speed (they’re 2 episodes behind). KOREAN DRAMAS ARE PERMEATING INTO MAINSTREAM AMERICA!!! Time to celebrate!

And so, right now, I’m completely in love with Hulu. You have no idea how excited I am!! Asides for Mischievous Kiss, Hulu also has some of the classics, including My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Coffee Prince, and Boys Over Flowers (it’s not really a “classic”, but it was a worldwide phenomenon). And they’ve also uploaded many recent dramas, including Pasta (so cute, but so boring!) and Bad Guy (what’s with the mustache?). Anyways, be sure to check out Hulu if you’re looking for a place to watch some of your old classics, and don’t want to go through the hassle of weeding through broken links or dealing with Viikii’s subs. Have fun!

Edit: In my excitement,  I forgot to mention this, but Hulu is currently only available to US viewers. Sorry!

Mischievous Kiss Ratings

Sorry for the long hiatus, but I’m back to post a little update on Mischievous Kiss, which started last Wednesday. With its first broadcast, it unfortunately only garnered a rating of 3.5. Which is dreadfully low. I’ve actually never even paid attention to a drama with such low ratings before. And I can’t seem to even recall a drama with similarly low ratings…  To give you guys a point of comparison, King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo, which is also airing at the same time, has ratings of 48.4. So you can guess why Mischievous Kiss isn’t doing so well.

I’m actually quite surprised by the low rating. There was a lot of interest and hype about this drama in the international drama watching community going in. But surprisingly, not in Korea, where it actually matters. Not to say that the worldwide market doesn’t matter, but to the producers, a lot of their advertising profit comes from, well, their native broadcasts. I hope that its run doesn’t get cut short because of its low ratings (many stations are known for doing that if they aren’t making a profit). And I guess the Kim Hyun Joong draw wasn’t as big as the studio executives expected. Where are his screaming fan girls now? Perhaps they too were repelled by his sub par acting. Whatever the reason, this is an unfortunate start to Mischievous Kiss’s run. Let’s hope that it gets better! Fighting!