Hello! Welcome to my blog, where I’ll be discussing interesting dramas that I’ve been watching and rambling about whatever else comes to mind.   As a self proclaimed drama addict, I have delighted in discovering other people’s drama blogs, reading their different opinions on dramas, and just all together being a part of the glorious drama community. So I wanted to try it out myself. For people who are new to dramas, I hope that my blog can help you become a part of the world of dramas and perhaps guide you to a good drama to watch. For those who are fellow drama lovers, I hope that my opinions prove interesting or enlightening.

As for myself… Well, I guess my love of dramas all started a few years ago during winter break. After finishing a beloved anime (I’ll let you guess which one), I was moping over its end, when I came upon a Taiwanese drama adaptation of it. Naturally, I was curious, and despite its shaky beginning, I soon became enthralled with the way the drama brought to life my beloved characters. Of course, as an Asian child, I had grown up watching historical dramas with my parents, but those had never really caught my fancy as this drama had. I was hooked. 🙂 And thus began my addiction to dramas. Although I started out with Taiwanese dramas, I have since started to watch Korean and (some) Japanese dramas. Although, I won’t be specializing on a certain type of drama, you may find me discussing Taiwanese dramas a bit more, only because it’s easier for me to watch them since I don’t have to hunt for subtitles.

Since this is a site for discussion about dramas, feel free to leave comments! I hope you enjoy my site!


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