Strands of Love

Man, Blue Lan has been busy working these days! I had been somewhat following his last drama P.S. Man (I’ll post a review of it later, when I have the time), which ended its run on July 18. But today while surfing the net, I stumbled upon another Blue drama that has just started airing on July 26th in Mainland China on Hunan TV. This means that Blue must have jumped straight from one project to another! Altogether, it means that in the past year he’s had 3 dramas! Wow. Unfortunately, I haven’t really taken a liking to any of Blue’s dramas so far, but his recent dramas have been pulling in high ratings, making him one of the top actors in Taiwan these days. Although Blue has been acting for a while (he was in 2001’s Meteor Garden), he has just started making him mark as a leading man since last year’s Easy Fortune Happy Life. Not to say that he hadn’t taken any leading roles before Easy Fortune Happy Life, rather I’m saying that only since that drama has he been getting mainstream success and have his dramas tuned in high ratings. So I’m guessing that he’s taking advantage of his newfound popularity and trying to take on as much as possible. I just hope he’s not overworking himself with everything that he’s put on his plate.

Blue’s new drama is called Strands of Love (Chinese: 丝丝心动), Other than Blue, the drama stars Zhang Jia Ni, who won the “Finding Zi Ling” Contest and starred in Dreams Link, Zhang Da Feng, Ying Er, and Zhong Xin Ling (PS Man, Fated to Love You).

One of the big draw of this drama (other than its leads) is the writer behind this drama, Qiong Yao. Qiong Yao is a highly renowned writer, who wrote the script for Princess Returning Pearl (Huang Zhu Ge Ge), which is one of the most successful dramas in Chinese history. It will also be directed by Shen Yi, who directed Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower (ugh, bad grammar), which was a huge success in China and considered Mainland China’s version of Hana Yori Dango (although its plot was very different). This drama is about a country girl, Zhang Xiao Rou (Zhang Jia Ni), that moves to the city to pursue her dreams of becoming a host. And (surprise surprise), she meets Ou Yang Chen (Blue Lan) through a series of coincidences and sparks fly. But of course, nothing’s that simple, and their love is complicated by an ex-girlfriend (shocker) and some guy that’s in love with the girl. And if you couldn’t tell from the title, there is a continuous hair shampoo ad because Xiao Rou’s beautiful hair and its smell (from the shampoo) causes Ou Yang Chen to mistake her for his ex-girlfriend.
I watched one of the trailers for this drama, and it actually looks quite good. Unfortunately, I could immediately hear the use of dubbing in the drama, but I believe that is something extremely common in Mainland China dramas so I won’t blame the drama. In the trailers, it looked like Blue’s acting had progressed to convey emotions beyond that of “cold, haughty, cool guy”, so that looks like a plus. I think spotted some traces of real heartfelt emotion in those trailers, which kind of makes me want to watch this drama. Also the drama looks quite lovely and seems to have a high production value. I haven’t been able to find much information about it, but it’s expected because most Mainland dramas don’t tend to have that much information about it (which is unfortunate). I’m not sure whether I’m going to watch this drama, although I think that if I were to watch this drama I would probably try to recap it (because of the dearth of information about it).

Here’s the first episode:

It is currently airing, and you can find the latest episodes at viikii or at (but they aren’t subbed).

And some more pretty pictures:


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